Begin Your Live Streaming Journey

Live Streaming Journey

The use of live streaming enables you to engage with your viewers in real time through a video stream messaging, and other features.

An Introduction to YouTube Live Streaming.

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Step 1: Activate live streaming

In order to conduct a live stream it is necessary to have not encountered any live streaming limitations within the previous 90 days and to have completed the process of verifying your channel.

Android devices such as computers iPhones and iPads.

In order to produce a live stream on a mobile device certain criteria must be fulfilled as stated in the guidelines provided by YouTube.

  • Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the Create Go live option at the bottom.
  • It may take up to 24 hours to begin your first live stream. Once activated, you can start live streaming immediately.

Select a method for streaming.

The three categories of streams include mobile, webcam, and encoder. Select the most suitable one for your streaming needs.

Cellular Device

Ideal for vloggers and for easily sharing updates using your mobile device or tablet. In order to produce a live stream on your mobile device, it is necessary to fulfill the necessary criteria as outlined in the guidelines provided by Google. Discover the process of streaming on mobile devices by following these steps.

Camera for Video Calls and Recording

Rapidly start a live stream from your computer by utilizing a webcam.

A computer with a webcam is required.

Discover the process of live streaming using a webcam.

Encoding System

Streaming using encoders allows for the transmission of gameplay overlays and the utilization of hardware such as preamps microphones, and cameras.

This form of streaming is typically employed for activities like gaming sporting events, concerts and conferences.

Discover the process of streaming through an encoder by following these steps.

Live Streams in a Vertical Format

Vertical live streams

If your live stream is in a vertical orientation, mobile viewers will now be able to watch it in full screen mode. This feature allows viewers to scroll through the live stream feed and utilize fan funding options such as Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel memberships. These live streams can also be discovered by viewers who are browsing through YouTube Shorts regardless of whether they are subscribed to the channel or not.

Feature Horizontal live streams Vertical live feed
Discoverable in the Shorts feed No Yes
Scrollable for more live streams No Yes
Clickable links in chat and channel description Yes No
Live ad midrolls and pre-rolls Yes No
4K bitrate streaming (broadcast) Yes No (on YouTube app)
Premieres Yes No
Live redirect Yes No
Memberships Yes Yes
Gifted memberships Yes No

Streaming options available

It is necessary for all material in live streams to comply with both our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. In the event that you intend to live stream content that goes against our Community Guidelines, we reserve the right to either age-restrict or remove your live stream. YouTube also holds the authority to limit a creator’s capability to live stream at its own discretion.

If you are given a warning during your live stream for breaking our Community Guidelines, you have the option to undergo a policy training which will result in the expiration of the warning after 90 days. However, if the same policy is violated within the 90 day period, the warning will not expire and your channel will receive a strike. In the event that you break a different policy after completing the training, you will receive another warning. There is a possibility that we may prohibit repeat offenders from participating in policy trainings in the future.

In case your live streaming is limited, it is possible for a strike to be issued on your account. This strike will restrict you from live streaming for a period of 14 days. If your account has been restricted from live streaming it is not allowed to use an alternative channel on YouTube for live streaming. This rule is applicable as long as the restriction is in place on your account. If this restriction is violated it will be considered as circumvention of our Terms of Service and may lead to the termination of your account.


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