What Is The Process For Using Xtream Codes?

Using Xtream Codes

If youre in the market for TV services, you might be interested in Variety TV from Xtream powered by Mediacom. After that, you’ll undoubtedly search for instructions on how to pair your TiVo service with Xtream codes.

You’re in the proper place if thats the case. We’ve put up a list of simple methods for locating and utilizing Xtream codes while configuring your TiVo remote. Thus, let’s get started right away:

How to Find Xtream Codes?

It’s not as hard as it sounds to find Xtream codes. To get started, simply visit URC support. You can browse through a selection of remote controls by going to https://www.urcsupport.com/mediacom/.

Select the remote that you are currently using as each one has different functionalities and compatibility codes.

You will be redirected to a new page with a detailed walkthrough on how to set up your TiVo remote after selecting the remote.

You’ll be taken to a CodeFinder area as you continue to set up the remote.

You must enter some credentials here, like:

Add-ons: a TV or music player

The new devices brand

Model brand

If you are unsure of the brand model, you can try it using a generic code that will be given to you. If not youll have to include a model.

Using Xtream Codes

How to Use Xtream Codes

By using the method described above, you will receive your Xtream TiVo code. To use the code, you must now take the actions listed below.

Activate the gadget (audio or TV).

Press both the TiVo and Input buttons at the same time using your TiVo remote.

An LED light-up will signal the dialog box that needs to be opened in order to enter the previously obtained code.

Enter the Xtream code on the remote by using the digit keys.

After that, check to verify if the remote has been properly paired. If not, use a different code to re-pair.

Closing Thoughts

Wasnt that easy, after all? You now understand where to look for Xtream codes online and how to pair your TiVo remote with one using Xtream codes. All you have to do is set up the preceding steps, and it will be hassle free.


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